On this page you'll find links to other teacher websites and wikis:

Wikis for Teachers

The Moving Forward wiki houses a collection of resources to help presenters and change agents as they help move schools and universities forward into the 21st century

This wiki is a great example of people sharing resources to be used in the classroom. The page linked here is specifically geared for social studies teachers trying to use more technology in their classrooms.

Useful Websites

Historical Scene Investigation Website allows for students to become the detectives as they take a scientific approach to historical events. The website provides all the tools students need to "investigate" primary sources from various events in history and draw their own conclusions based on the research!

National History Education Clearinghouse offers a database of primary sources, lesson plan reviews, history lectures on audio as well as information about upcoming grants that you can apply for and workshops to attend. Does a student have a question that leaves you stumped? Send in your question and history professors from Stanford University will answer your question and if you need it by a certain date let them know and they do their best to get it back to you by that time frame!

4 Teachers is operated by the University of Kansas and offers teachers a variety of teaching tools. Have students track current events and guide them through with questions using their program, Trackstar. Teachers can develop rubrics for assignments using the database of criteria Rubistar offers or create their own constraints. Students can create web posters using Web Poster Wizard or develop an idea using the Think Tank feature. Many of the resources are available in English or Spanish!

This website offers basic information about the branches of government for grade levels K-12. It does have games but they do not test student knowledge of the material.

An author has created a list of educational resources integrating technology for teachers and students alike!

This website provides ideas to get the kids up and moving in the classroom but also incorporates the content. The strategies can be easily modified based on your unit of study and the language arts ideas are easy to adapt for social studies as well.

This website provides THOUSANDS of book available for you and your students to read completely for free!

This free website allows users to create, publish, share and discuss cartoons.

Free teaching tools

Turns text into speech for free! Students can listen to passages on the screen and follow along with text-beneficial for readers working with a difficult text.

Guides teachers and students alike to quality websites for conducting research.

Click on this map to gain access to newspapers from that nation!

How many is that? is a website that takes large numbers associated with social justice issues and compare them with local information to put them into perspective. The goal is to raise awareness and inspire action.