Using a wiki and other online applications should be simple and easy. Their purpose is not only to help students do their job, but to help us do ours. When using a wiki in the classroom, make sure to keep its setup simple.

1. Make sure you plan backward from where you want your students to end up.
2. Don’t make the students do what the wiki is not designed to do. In short, have them edit webpages alone or in groups (one editor at a time). Have them use the discussion function to address questions that actually support your curriculum, rather than some vague social studies concept.
3. Keep the students accountable for their work online. Group dynamics, though different online, are not that different if the individuals in the groups are working side by side in the classroom.
Make sure the instruction lines up with the technology being used. If your emphasis is on the technology, line instruction up to it. If your emphasis is on another skill (such as analyzing photographs), make sure the technology is appropriate for the task.

How to use Wikis in Education

This is a page on another wiki that gives information about wikis, including journal articles and videos on how to use them in the classroom.

Using the Wiki as a Class Website

The wiki Collaboration Nation is a great example of a wiki used for class website. It also has some great pointers about how to set up a wiki so it's easy to navigate for students.

Setting up a Wiki

Another page on Collaboration Nation- the How-to Pages