Survey of Cyber Comfort-draws attention to some surprising civic issues arrising online.

Directions for accessing a "tracker" providing students with access to articles relating to globalization and questions to have them reflect on the information.

Summative assessment comparing exploration of the Americas to present-day globalization. Encourages critical-thinking skills using Marzano's research based strategy that is shown to have the greatest success in student retention.

Very basic template to give to students when constructing an essay.

Blank template using the "Understanding by Design" model. EXCELLENT tool for planning a unit!

Fun and easy Constitution Day activity that can be displayed in your building for all to see.

Incorporating scientific invenstigation into social studies while developing students problem-solving and analytical skills through synthesizing information in a collaborative setting.

Map showing conflict in the Middle East.

Think sheet for improving the Articles of Confederation.

Incorporating art in history in a creative way requiring students to compare historical events to the five senses.

Blank face template for the above mentioned activity.

Fun way to get students to read the Constitution.