This page is dedicated to giving advice to first year teachers. Right now I'd like to post links to blogs and other websites also dedicated to helping those newest to the field.


Front Line with Wine This is a blog written by a second-year teacher in the South Bronx comparing the first year of teaching to the second year. Most of his challenges were not unique to the inner city, they were simply a bit more exaggerated.


The ABC's of First Year Teaching This site goes over some pointers for first year teachers.


The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher- Harry Wong

Understanding by Design from Wiggins and McTighe This book offers an excellent template for developing meaningful units of study that have proven results to increase student retention.

Rick Dufour-Whatever it Takes Discusses professional learning communities and what can be done for the students who "don't get it".

Marzano-Classroom Instruction That Works Investigates research based strategies that have proven to show an increase in student achievement.